1.  Which Person of the Trinity is most explicitly named in the songs:
a. God the Father
b. Jesus Christ, God the Son
c. The Holy Spirit

Answer:  B

2.   Which of the following are reasons given at one time or another in the songs for worshiping Jesus Christ?
a. His divine nature
b. His saving activity
c. His titles and names
d. All of the above

Answer:  D

3.   When the songs remember the life and ministry of Jesus Christ they emphasize which of the following?
a. his death and resurrection
b. his preaching and teaching
c. his healing miracles
d. his meals with sinners

Answer:  A

4.   Which of the followings do the songs tend to emphasize?
a. divine names
b. divine attributes or characteristics
c. divine activity
d. a and b
e. b and c
f.  a and c

Answer:  D

5.    According to the article, who is responsible for why there are few Trinitarian dimensions in these most-used songs?
a. the composers
b. the production and marketing system the distributes the songs
c. the churches that select them
d. all of the above

Answer:  D