1.  The author suggests that some fear worship becoming “cold” or dispassionate if it becomes more theological.  Do you agree?  Have you known anyone who feared worship becoming too theological?

2.  Would you agree with the author’s perspective that an emphasis upon music to usher worshipers into God’s presence could displace Jesus Christ as the mediator of worship to God the Father?  Are we really in danger of substituting worship “to the Son through the music” for worship “to the Father through the Son”?

3.  Do you think it is true that God’s Triune nature and activity plays little role in why Christians today love God?  Do you agree with the author’s suggestion that we will have to love God for being Triune before we see more Trinitarian songs in use?

4.  Why do you think it is Jesus Christ is much more explicitly named in the songs than either God the Father or the Holy Spirit?

5.  Why do you think it is that more emphasis is placed on names and characteristics for God/Jesus Christ than upon activity?