Learning Activities:

1. Make a list of your favorite worship songs. Do they seem to have a similar style? If there are differences in style what are they?

2. Write a congregational worship song in a style different than the typical praise choruses. Do you find it difficult? Is it hard to imagine a congregation being able to follow along?

3. Make a list of all the songs your church has used from the 77 songs. Decide which ones had theological content that was deep and meaningful (even if just for the time). Then sort them out and compare them to other classmates.

4. Find two songs from each decade that most echo the cry of that generation. Discuss as a group if there is a way to integrate them (all 5 decades) together in one worship gathering.

5. Analyze a list of the top worship songs from the previous year. In your opinion, what category/ style of music do these songs fall under? Do you find this list to be balanced; if not, what musical style do you think is lacking?

6. Make a list of the current musical styles apparent in secular music today. Can you find a current CWM song to match each of these styles? If you cannot find one, do you think there should be more songs written in this style? Why or why not?