Discussion Questions

1. In what ways can a church broaden its musical styles? Should we just stick with the music that everyone likes?

2. Do you feel there is diversity in worship music today? If so, what groups do a good job offering diversity?

3. Do you feel like CWM today is actually contemporary? Support your opinion with examples.

4. Where do you see CWM going in the future, given the trends you see here?

5. Margaret Brady says, "Reviewing the different decades showed many similarities between popular music and the 77 top CWM. Worship music trends responded to popular music but until recently were consistently behind them" (163). Why do you think that is? What changes should be made to integrate increased understanding of CWM in light of its history with popular music? (see pages 163 and 164)

6. Chapter 10 shows the benefits of an advisory team in churches that help choose music that is up to date with current music trends. What do you think about the use of these teams in the churches and do you think it would be beneficial to your church? (page 164) 7. Did it surprise you that some of your favorite songs were written in the 70's or 80's? Which songs?