Multiple Choice Questions

1. What were the main musical style/styles present from 1950 to 2000?

A. Folk

B. Country

C. Rock

D. Popular Song

E. Southern Gospel

F. All of the Above

G. A and C

H. A and D

Answer: pages 154-155


2. What happened to rock music during the 1970s?

A. return to basic hard rock

B. greater emphasis on electric guitar solos

C. emphasis of melody in soft rock

D. more radio plays for Ozzie Osbourne

E. All of the above

F. A and C

G. B and C

Answer: page 157


3. During the 1950s, rock music emerged out of:

a. Black gospel, rhythm and blues, and country

b. rhythm and blues, country, and folk

c. Black gospel, country, and delta blues

d. jazz, country, and folk

Answer: page 154


4. During the 1990s, CWM was dominated by two distinct styles:

a. radio ready pop and guitar driven rock

b. alternative and folk medley

c. experimental and gospel rock

d. pop rock and southern gospel

Answer: pages 160-1


5. A chorus is:

a. a song with a verse and/or stanza(s) to precede each singing of it

b. an 8-16 measure tune

c. repeated as many times as it is felt to be appropriate by those singing it during performance.

d. only b and c

e. all the above

Answer: page 155


6. Among the 77 songs, this decade offers greatest variety in musical styles and forms:

a. 1940s- 1950s

b. 1960s

c. 1970s

d. 1980s

e. 1990s

f: 2000s

Answer: page 157


7. How many of the 77 worship songs appear from 1950's?

A 1

B 2

C 3

D 4

E 1950's?-- who listens to that music anymore?

Answer: page 165


8. How many of the 77 worship songs appear from 1970's?

A 15

B 20

C 21

D 23

E 25

Answer: page 165