Discussion Questions

1. Many people enjoy some of the songs to which Jansen has given a lower grade. Does this mean that people aren't very concerned about the criteria the author has proposed creates a good worship melody?

2. In your opinion, is there a different musical aspect more important to judge a song by than its melody?

3. Has any of Jansen's criteria ever hindered you from worshiping ?

4. Do you agree with how Jansen has graded the 77 songs and why?

5. Which one of these criteria on the artistic quality of the melodic structure of the 77 worship songs is most important in evaluating them? Which is least important?

6. Is there a worship song in addition to these 77 that you feel exhibits all of the criteria for an artistic melodic structure?

7. According to Tommy Walker: "In modern music, the rhythms and the grooves allow us to get away melodies that really have little to them... simple is usually better. The problem is that worship CDs are beginning to sound the same." Do you agree with this statement? Is it a problem?

8. Is there a better place for more complex, more creative music in, for example, a meditational music special?

9. Does it make us too judgmental (Biblically speaking) to be over-critical of worship songs?

10. Do you think even non-musicians might subconsciously have these same views of worship music, or do they even notice?

11. Would a non-musician give similar grades or different ones to these 77 songs?

12. Could a song found ineffective in your congregation be effective in another?