"The authors of this volume have taken on the risky challenge 'to speak the truth in love.' ... Each one appreciates the significance of this music.  Each one is also willing to take the risk of constructive criticism, all for the sake of the Body of Christ."

So says John D. Witvliet, Director of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and author of the concluding chapter of this book.  Spanning a spectrum of 12 denominational schools and churches in four countries, the writers focus the spotlights of their varied disciplines upon the 77 most frequently sung worship songs in today's protestant churches.  They have begun an important conversation about an increasingly pervasive and prominent musical genre.    They hope to inspire others to think more deeply -- theologically, psychologically, sociologically and musically -- about the 'new music' of the church of the 21st century.
The Message in the Music
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Studying  Contemporary Praise & Worship
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Musical Style  -  The Trinity  -  Romance  -  Righteousness & Justice  -  Pain & Suffering  -  Proclamation, Participation & Praise -  Musical Quality

Available Additional Resources by Chapter:

1. "How Great is Our God"

2. "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever"

3. "I'm Desperate for You"

4. "Let the Weak Say I am Strong"

5. "Trading My Sorrows"

6. "We Have Come into this House"

7. "The Heart of Worship"

8. "Praise the Name of Jesus"

9. "When the Music Fades"

10. "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross"

(*  Additional resources will be added for the remaining chapters as they become available.)

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